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Epitome Components, India’s leading PCB manufacturer, operates three fully equipped production units in Ahmednagar and Supa. We cater to diverse industries, including lighting, automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, industrial electronics, defense, and aerospace, offering single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered, and RF PCB solutions. Our success is rooted in high production standards, superior-quality products, and ongoing innovation.


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Established in 1994 by Anuraag Dhoot, Epitome Components began with a single client. Foraying into new industry segments and products, Epitome consistently expanded its client portfolio. With a focus on mass production, fast prototyping, and unwavering product quality, the company gained market prominence.

In 2007, a partnership with Trackwise, UK, propelled Epitome into RF PCB manufacturing. Epitome’s addition of a cutting-edge Supa unit in 2009, added 30,000 sqm capacity of DS & Multilayer PCBs in addition to 1,30,000 sqm of existing capacity.

Technological prowess, including the capability to manufacture up to eight layers of multi-layered PCBs, and a geographically central location has contributed significantly to the company’s competitive edge.

Why Choose Epitome

Uncompromising dedication to maintaining superior quality is our ethos. We consistently deliver high-quality products and services while continuously striving for improvement.



At Epitome, excellence is not just a goal; it's our standard. We redefine industry benchmarks through unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer experiences.


Acknowledging the dynamic nature of technology and business, we are agile, responsive, and adaptive in all aspects of operations to meet clients' evolving needs.


We have a holistic commitment to responsible business practices throughout the entire product lifecycle, fostering enduring partnerships with clients, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders.


As a value-driven organization, transparency is our guiding principle. Maintaining open communication with clients, vendors, associates, and partners has built unparalleled trust among our stakeholders.


We minimize our carbon footprint and actively contribute to environmental conservation through competent waste management infrastructure.