Radio Frequency (RF) Printed Circuit Boards

Radio Frequency (RF) Printed Circuit Boards

At Epitome, we manufacture custom RF PCBs with remarkable quality and endurance. Our RF PCB clientele primarily includes base station antennas, radars for space and defense, wireless transmissions and security systems. Our RF PCBs offer a range of benefits and attributes including but not limited to the following.

  • Robust PCB Structure: Excellent stability and robust structure.
  • Seamless Alignment: Easy alignment with multiple boards in a complex layout.
  • Low Loss Tangent: The low loss tangent and stable dielectric constant (Er)
Features of Our RF PCBs

Our RF PCBs feature the following.

  • Types of Laminates

    PTFE – (Rogers, Arlon, Neltec, Taconic, Isola), FR 4

  • Laminate Thickness

    85 μm to 3.2 mm

  • Base Cu Foil Thickness

    35/35 , 70/70, 18/18 µm

  • Min. Track Width/Space

    Track Tolerances = + / - 20 micron

  • Min. Drill Size

    0.6 mm

  • Surface Finish

    OSP, Immersion, Tin, Electrolytic Gold Plating, Electro Plated Tin.

  • Maximum PCB Size

    2000mm X 630mm

  • Number of Layers


  • Other Capabilities

    Plasma Desmear for PTH RF PCBs, PIM Testing