Double Sided PCB

Double-Sided PCBs

At Epitome, with a unit dedicated to manufacturing double-sided PCBs, we exemplify quality, production standards and customer-centricity. Here’s more to our double-sided PCBs and its benefits.

  • Robust and reliable manufacturing process.
  • Same bath used to etch both sides at the same time.
  • Increased surface area in the same-size-single-layer board due to the second layer of copper and vias in a double-layer board.
Details of Our Double-Sided PCBs

Here are technical features of our double-sided PCBs.

  • Type of Laminates Used

    FR4, High TG FR 4, PTFE, CEM3

  • Laminate Thickness

    0.4 mm to 3.2 mm

  • Base Cu Foil Thickness

    18/18, 35/35, 70/70, and 105/105 µm

  • Min. Track Width/Space

    4/4 Mil

  • Min. Drill Size

    0.2 mm

  • Maximum PCB Size

    1200mm X 630mm

  • Surface Finish

    OSP, HAL (Lead Free/ Tin Lead) Immersion Tin, Electrolytic Gold Plating, ENIG

  • Other Capabilities

    Carbon Key, Peelable, Via Filling, Blind and Buried Vias

Production Infrastructure Used in Double-Sided PCBs

At Epitome, we leverage the latest and the most competent infrastructure to maintain the expected and world-class quality standards for our clients, each of which is a brand.

  • CNC drilling – 100 spindle capacity
  • Horizontal De-Smear and direct metallization line
  • Class 10K Clean Room for Photo Imaging
  • Cut sheet laminator
  • CCD camera assignment exposing machine
  • Vertical Continuous Plater (VCP) Lines
  • Vacuum etching line
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), SES, DES
  • Fully automatic screen printing for photo image able solder mask, class 100K clean room
  • Fully automatic legend printing
  • HAL (TIN lead), HAL (lead free), horizontal immersion TIN, OSP, ENIG lines , Electrolytic Gold Plating.
  • Auto BBT, Universal BBT, Flying Probe Testers
  • Plasma Desmear for PTFE laminates.