Single Sided PCB

Single-Sided PCBs/ Metal Clad PCBs

At Epitome, single-sided PCBs are the oldest of our product line. We’ve been manufacturing single-sided PCBs for nearly 30 years and have built an extensive clientele across the LED lighting, power, sensors, relays, printers, surveillance, appliances, Consumer Electronics and many others.

Details of Our Single-Sided PCBs

Details of Our Single-Sided PCBs:

Here are some technical details of our single-sided PCBs.

Production Capability:

  • Type of Laminates Used

    FR1, FR2, FR4, CEM1 and CEM3, MCPCB

  • Laminate Thickness

    0.8 mm to 1.6 mm

  • Base Cu Foil Thickness

    35 µm and 70 µm

  • Min. Track Width/Space

    8/8 Mil

  • Min. Drill Size

    0.4 mm (CNC), 0.8 mm (Punch)

  • Surface Finish:

    Lacquer, OSP, HAL (Lead free/tin lead), carbon, peelable printing

  • Maximum PCB Size

    1200 mm X 500 mm

  • Other Capabilities

    Carbon key and jumpers, peelable printing

Details of Our Metal Clad PCBs
  • Type of AlCCL Laminate Used

    Grade: 1060/5052/6061

  • Wattage Available for AlCCL

    0.5W, 0.6W, 0.8W, 1W, 1.5W, 2W, 2.5W, 3.0W, 4W, 5W to 10W.

  • Laminate Thickness

    0.7mm to 2mm

  • Base Cu Foil Thickness

    15, 18, 25, 35,70, 105, 210 microns.

  • Maximum PCB Size

    1200 x 400 mm

  • Surface Finish:

    OSP, HAL

Production Infrastructure Used in Single-Sided PCBs/ Metal Clad PCBs

At Epitome, we leverage state-of-the-art equipment and production infrastructure to manufacture superior quality and flawless single-sided PCBs for our clients. Here’s what our single-sided PCB/ metal clad PCBs infrastructure, particularly consists of.

  • 5-chamber etching machine
  • Fully automatic guide hole drillers, BBTs and V-cut machine
  • Lacquer, OSP lines
  • Automated Printing Machines
  • Power Punching up to 200 tons all with fine piercing systems
  • CNC drilling and routing – 100 spindle capacity
  • 4-feet line

Our lead time for sample production for single-side PCBs is five days and the lead time for mass production is two to three weeks. Call us if you’ve been looking for superior and efficient single-sided PCBs for your use. We’d be happy to serve!