Electronic manufacturing progression and status in India.

With import of electronics poised to overtake the import bill of oil, since past few years the government has taken cognizance of this point and embarked on a journey to promote local manufacturing and export of electronics.

Success story of mobile industry is now well publicized and has been possible only due to the strong push and support given by the Indian government.

India has become the second largest manufacturer of mobile handsets in the world Surpassing 2 billion handsets in the past decade.

Next the government has targeted the PCB assembly in India and imposed duties on the populated PCB. This move by the Indian government has given a big push To the EMS industry and the contract manufacturers in India. This has resulted into big expansions and public listings of the major players in India such as Dixon, SGS, Syrma , Kaynes and others. Today EMS business is growing in leaps and bounds and deepened the electronic manufacturing from final product assembly level.

The Indian government is now concentrating on further deepening the electronic manufacturing in India and growing the electronic components industry. As major value addition is done at component level and has significant employment generation potential it is imperative to deepen the electronic supply chain and also reduce reliance on other countries.

PCBs, semiconductors and other electronic components are being looked at as growth drivers for the electronics industry.

The government has introduced various Incentive schemes to promote the manufacturing of above products.

While so far the component manufacturing has lagged it is now evident that the time for success of component manufacturing in India has come.

Mr. Anurag Dhoot
Managing Director